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Convenient Immediate Dentures in York

Portrait of mature couple relaxing outdoorsAt Ultra Dental, we understand that missing teeth can significantly affect your life, and we do everything we can to preserve your natural teeth. However, Dr. Gagandeep Singh and our team also know that sometimes extractions are necessary to protect your oral health. If you need extractions, we never want them to impact your confidence. Immediate dentures are a solution to give you a complete smile on the same day we perform your extractions.

We know that your situation is unique and work hard to find a denture solution that fits your everyday life. You'll never have to worry about leaving our office without teeth. If you're looking for immediate dentures in York, you can count on our team to give you a full and beautiful smile. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!


What Are Immediate Dentures?

close up of complete denturesImmediate dentures are an oral prosthetic made before your extractions, so you don't have to leave the office with any missing teeth. The prosthetic can be made to replace a few teeth or an entire arch. Adjusting to having dentures takes a minimal amount of time, and immediate dentures allow you to begin learning to talk and chew food right away.

As a transitional solution, immediate dentures are used while you're awaiting a permanent set of dentures or as a way to slowly transition from a partial denture to a total arch replacement. Regardless of why you need immediate dentures in York, this solution offers you a beautiful smile you can be proud of.

What Is the Process of Getting Immediate Dentures in York?

When you require an extraction to preserve your oral health, we take detailed impressions of your teeth and gums. Using these impressions, your new dentures will be made before your extraction. Our team coordinates the timing of your new dentures, so they arrive when you need them. You'll leave our office with a complete set of teeth you can count on. It is vitally important that you follow our dentist's instruction for caring for your new dentures to ensure their longevity and that your gums heal properly. Immediate dentures can also work with dental implants for a permanent restoration option.

Differences Between Traditional and Immediate Dentures

Though they function similarly, there are a few key differences between the function and purpose of traditional and immediate dentures. Some of those differences are:

Immediate Dentures

  • Will need relining several times during the healing process to maintain a comfortable and secure fit
  • Are designed to be transitional dentures while you are waiting for your permanent solution
  • Allow your jaw to retain its shape during the healing process
  • Gives you a complete smile immediately and never leaves you without teeth

Traditional Dentures

  • Are molded to your gums after you've had your extractions
  • Can leave you without new teeth for months while you're waiting for fabrication
  • Provide a custom fit that offers long-lasting comfort for many years

Common Questions About Immediate Dentures

Though you may have questions about immediate dentures, our team works hard to ensure that we answer all your questions and alleviate your concerns during the process of treatment. We want you to be confident and at ease with every decision you make. Below are some common questions to help better inform you about immediate dentures.

How Long Do Immediate Dentures Last?

Designed as a temporary solution to missing teeth, immediate dentures usually last between six and nine months.

Because the impression for immediate dentures is made while you still have your existing teeth, it is much easier to match the color and size of your original teeth.

Getting accustomed to your new teeth can take a little time. It is not uncommon to feel some minor discomfort during this time of adjustment. It is also essential that you get your immediate dentures relined to ensure a proper fit, so they don't slip or become loose and cause sores to develop on your gums.

Your Reliable York Immediate Denture Experts

At Ultra Dental, your oral health and smile are our top priorities. Immediate dentures can improve your smile, bite function, and confidence, along with promoting healing while waiting for a permanent denture solution. If you're looking for immediate dentures in York, you can trust our team to have the answers you're looking for. Contact us today and see how immediate dentures can help you!


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